A selection of editorial assignments and other
published & commercial work
‘We’re brothers, sisters and activists’: the Greek collective of gay and trans refugees, The Observer, UK
Athens for Documenta 14
Cooking a brighter future in Athens, The Observer, UK
Entrance Halls, Flaneur Magazine, DE
Who'd be young and Greek, The Observer, UK
Marrabenta Festival, Business Day’s Wanted supplement, SA
Read it on the walls, Business Day’s Wanted supplement, SA
Landscaping the Acropolis, Dapper Dan Magazine, GR
Ypsilon House, an ex-future project, Eleanna Horiti DPLG, GR
Oliv, Paan Architects, GR/SE
Relux Ios, A31 Architecture, GR
Art warehouse, A31 Architecture, GR
Backgrounds, 'We love artists, Artists in Residence around the world', Someone's Garden, JP
Georgia Alexandra Davis, Mother magazine, GR
Scott Campbell, Mother magazine, GR
Auguste Corteau, Homme magazine, GR
Constantine Giannaris, Highlights magazine, GR