Visitations is a collection of photographs from museums in Attica. It is an assemblage of images of rooms, spaces, displays, exhibits and objects. This body of work entails photographs made during museum visits from 2016 to 2021 with a small film camera and emerges out of the exploration of the region’s museums’ respective narratives, inquisitiveness about the selections, and encounters with the unexpected. Not all of the many museums of Attica are featured here, nor does this work intend to be an index of the district’s museums.
However, through the process of accumulation it has become a small museum in itself; a collection of collections.
On display here is, on one hand, the totality of the work in the form of a large mosaic as collection-archive and, on the other, reconstructed versions and fragments, compiled in 27 groupings, composed during the pandemic.
The project explores questions of categorization, classification and representation through revision and response, and constitutes a proposal which remains open to other reconstructions; an open field of possibilities. Co-inhabiting a common and indefinite spatial-temporal context, the photographed museum spaces and exhibits – of various and lost uses, and of distinct historical eras and importance, aesthetic values and scientific-museal classifications – converse and interact in different modalities. The real and the imaginary merge - The mind was dreaming. The world was its dream - giving rise to new narratives, memories, hauntings and apparitions, orders and multiplicities.

* text by Vangelis Ioakeimidis
* text by Christoforos Marinos
* text by Evgenia Mylonaki

- Exhibition design in collaboration with Malvi